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? and !
Series Number: N/A
Publication: September 2008
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Format: Web Comic
Previous Issue: While We Were Eating
Following Issue: Every Cutie Deserves A Toy!
"I got too ambitious in the MDHP piece. I had to pare it down farther than I would have liked to but 8 pages is 8 pages and that was all I had to work with. My first draft of that story would have easily filled a 30 page issue of TOTB. All of that stuff will end up being used elsewhere."[1] -- Larry Marder

? and ! is an eight-page Beanworld story that was published on MySpace Dark Horse Presents issue 14, published in September, of 2008.


It is a Goof-Off Day and the first job of the day is to fetch the Cuties from their Pod'l'pool. Proffy asks Mr. Spook if he will help her find some spear sized slats. Beanish pipes up saying he knows where a great slat patch is.

Beanish and Proffy run to The Legendary Edge and dive into The Four Realities. Where Beanish and Proffy have a philosophical discussion about the Four Realities where Beanish wonders if they are using them all up.

Beanish and Proffy travel far to the slat patch and on finding many spear sized slats make their way back to Proffy's Fix-It Shop with the slats in hand.

Meanwhile, Beanish looks for inspiration for his Look·See·Show while watching a game of Slapslat Beanish wonders out loud if there was a way to re-use the good sizes and shapes. This sends Proffy into an inventing haze. She wanders around the Beanworld while Beanish makes his Look·See·Show.

Proffy is unable to come up with a big idea and admits her defeat to Mr. Spook. They then go to look at the Look·See·Show to find that Beanish created a rendition of Proffy in her inventing haze.


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