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This article is for Beanworld the place and process, if you are looking for The Comic Book see Tales of the Beanworld if you are looking for the blog see Larry Marder's Beanworld (blog)

Beanworld isn’t a place, it’s a process. Sure, Beanworld is an artifact of my life, but then it is read by someone else and they, in turn, make their own Beanworld inside their own imagination. Their Beanworld isn’t my Beanworld; it is their Beanworld. I do believe my ad slogan for Beanworld is indeed a true statement. “It is a most peculiar comic book experience.”[1]

-- Larry Marder

Beanworld Map Color WIKI copy

A Map of the Known Beanworld

Beanworld is not just a place, it is a process.

The Known Beanworld consists of many features. Starting on the right and working our way counter-clockwise we find:


Beanworld Places
Beanworld: Fix-It Shop  • The Legendary Edge  • Proverbial Sandy Beach

Near the Beanworld: Thin Lake  • The Four Realities  • Bone Zone  • Der Stinkle  • Inspiration Constellation

Big·Big·Picture: Service Station  • The Jungle of Sleeping Sporeheads  • Hatbox  • Jug

Beanworld Objects
Beanworld: Chow  • Sprout-Butt  • Pod'l'pool  • Chowdown Pool  • Look·See·Show  • Secret Sketch  • The Four Realities  • Gunk'l'dunk  • Mystery Pods  • Beanworld Action Effigies  • Blanktank  • Flip-Flop Tool  • Mr. Spook's Fork  • Elusive Notworm  • Boom'r Bonnets  • Float Factor  • Mask  • Mr Spook's Stupid Mistake  • Pluk'N'Pak  • Orbulators  • Chipskates  • Floativation Station

Service Station: Boomrail  • Influence  • Reproductive Propellant

Big·Big·Picture: Notworms