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Beanworld Zero
Series Number: 20
Publication: 1993
Publisher: Eclipse Comics
Format: Comic
Previous Issue: Upside Down and Backwards
Following Issue: The First Time Professor Garbanzo Discovered The Four Realities


[Chronologically, the story in Beanworld Zero starts just after the "Tales of the Goofy Jerks" back-up story in issue 15.]

The unusual Pod'l'pool is brought before the Goofy Sermon Jerk. Mr. Teach'm volunteers to take over its care. It hatches a single being, the young Mr. Spook, who Mr. Teach'm trains to be a hero.

After Gran'Ma'Pa has healed, it requests a very large load of reproductive propellant and produces four Pod'l'pools containing a total of twenty baby beans. Without anyone around to teach them, they grow in silence, soaking up chow. Eventually the Pod'l'pools sag and burst, letting the baby beans become mobile.

One curious bean wanders into the Fix-It Shop. There it sees a strange hat-like object that has images of a slat, hoop, twink, and chip. It puts it on, and the bean's mind is filled with these symbols. It gets catapulted outside and lands on its noggin, whereupon the symbols vanish from the hat-like thing. The door to the Fix-it shop slams shut, and the bean is distraught when it can't get back in. But hunger overwhelms its thoughts. It returns to the drying-out Pod'l'pool husks, where the beans are beginning to starve.

An inspection by the Goofy Survey Jerks diagnoses the problem. Mr Teach'm asks his hero-in-training if he will take on the task of being hero for this mixed-up world. He accepts immediately and jumps off the cloud in the sky, falling toward the Beanworld.

Unfortunately, when the hero hits the Beanworld, he loses most of his memory. But he knows there is something urgent to do! Gran'Ma'Pa, worried about this intruder, assesses him and they bond with love. Mr. Spook then realizes that the Beans need chow, and he refills the Pod'l'pool at the Proverbial Sandy Beach, thus saving the Beans.

The crisis is over.


  • We finally learn the origin of Professor Garbanzo! Even more will be revealed in the next issue. (We still don't know exactly what Mr. Spook is, though.)

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