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A Break Out is a rare event in the Beanworld. When it happens, a Bean leaves his or her role in the Chow Sol'jer Army and takes on a new role in Beanworld society.

When a Bean begins breaking out, they begin doing odd things. After a period of experimentation, they finally discover the idea that has been surfacing inside them. Then they present the idea to the rest of the Beans, and there is a vote. If the idea is accepted, then the new Bean(s) leave the Chow Sol'jer Army and do their thing in exchange for the right to soak in the Chowdown Pool. The vote must be unanimous.

To date, this has happened three times. The first was the Boom'r Band. This happened in the early days of the Beanworld.

The next was Beanish, and his story is told in issue 4, Beanish Breaks Out!.

The last so far is Heyoka. Her break out is in issue 19, Upsidedown and Backwards. Because she left the Beanworld as soon as she became Heyoka, she hasn't even had a chance to announce her idea. Perhaps she'll find it somewhere above the Inspiration Constellation.