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Spoilers for "Remember Here When You Are There!":

Chipskates are small devices made from a single Chip that has been exposed to Float Force. Only the Cuties are light enough to ride them, but they are much more maneuverable, faster and longer-lasting than the Floativation Stations that preceded them.

While Beanish was performing his love song with a member of the Boom'r Band, a pair of Cuties on Chipskates flew through the cloud of ♪s and ♥s. The Chipskates became super-charged; they lost their striped texture but continued to float in the air, and exhibited much faster movement and longevity.

At the end of the book, we are shown that eventually a Chipskate runs out of power completely and turns white. In this state it cannot be recharged, and a new Chipskate must be made. It is unknown what other properties a depleted Chipskate might exhibit.

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