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"A lot of these words and phrases are just things pulled out of my life. Chow Sol’jer is rooted in Bill Mauldin. I was fortunate enough to have grown up in a house in the ‘60s where ‘40s era first editions of “Up Front” and “Back Home” were on the shelves of my parent’s library. Willie and Joe used the term “sojer.” So my soldiers just had to be named something like that and I chose “sol’jer.” But I was also thinking about Cheyenne Dog Soldiers too. It’s all goes into my head and I’m never quite sure what might come out." [1] -- Larry Marder

The Chow Sol'jer Army steals Chow from the Hoi-Polloi. Mr. Spook is the leader of the army's two divisions: The Spear Fling'n Flank'rs and The Chow Pluk'rs.

Spear Fling'n Flank'rs[]

There are three Spear Fling'n Flank'rs. They use their spears to break open a Hoi-Polloi Ring so that the Chow Pluk'rs may steal the chow. They each wear a mask. Heyoka was a Spear Fling'n Flank'r before she broke out, and was replaced by a sister.

Chow Pluk'rs[]

There are nine Chow Pluk'rs. Once a Hoi-Polloi Ring is broken, the Chow Pluk'rs use their Pluk'n Wands to plunder the exposed and and unprotected chow. They then exit stage up through The Four Realities and back to the Proverbial Sandy Beach. They then march to the Chowdown Pool and release the chow into the cool water. The Chow Raid is successful and its now Chow Down Time.

As Beans Break Out the number of Chow Pluk'rs diminish. Maybe their ranks will be replenished when the Pod'l'pool Cuties grow up.


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