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The Chowdown Poolis a giant tub used by the Beans as a communal feeding feeding place, where they consume Chow.

Before the Big Fish in the sky brought Mr. Spook's Fork to the Beanworld, Sprout-Butts had a sour disposition, and were abused by the Hoi-Polloi until they were pulverized into Chow. Chow created in this method tasted awful. It was a smelly, private chore for a Bean to plunge themselves in the old Chowdown Tub, which could only accommodate one Bean at a time.

Once it was discovered that Mr. Spook's Fork sweetened the disposition of a Sprout-Butt, The Hoi-Polloi no longer abused Sprout-Butts into chow but instead crooned secret messages of boundless love until the Sprout-Butt was so overwhelmed that it willingly sacrificed its very existence to become a batch of Chow. Chow created in this fashion tasted great. Soon the problem of long lines at the Chowdown Tub, and not being able to soak as long as one wanted began to plague the Beanworld.

Professor Garbanzo then came up with a plan for the Chowdown Pool and pitched the idea to the village.

  • No lines!
  • No waiting!
  • No time limit for soaking!

The vote was unanimous.

Mr. Spook Helped Proffy scout out the big flat Slats, and the rest of the Beans pitched in carrying them home. The construction went quickly and the Chowdown Pool was filled with fresh water from the Thin Lake. They dropped a load of chow into the pool, and soon experienced their first feast. For the Beanworld, it was the dawn of modern living.