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Gran'Ma'Pa provides two kinds of days to the inhabitants of the Beanworld: Chowraid Days and Goof-Off Days.

Chowraid Days begin in the morning when Mr. Spook notices that Gran'Ma'Pa is about to drop a Sprout-Butt. He tries to catch it on his fork on the first bounce, an event that produces a happy Sprout-Butt and is taken as a sign of luck. Mr. Spook and the Chow Sol'jer Army jump off the Legendary Edge and attack the Hoi-Polloi to obtain Chow for the Beans, leaving the Sprout-Butt as payment. They return to the surface via The Proverbial Sandy Beach, deposit the stolen chow in the Chowdown Pool, then everyone jumps in to feast.

While they do this, the Boom'r Band practices, Professor Garbanzo builds tools, invents, experiments, investigates and reasons, and Beanish sketches and visits Dreamishness.

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