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Deep Down; Down Deep
Series Number: 8
Publication: 1987
Publisher: Eclipse Comics
Format: Comic
Previous Issue: New and Improved Gunk'l'dunk
Following Issue: A Gift! A Gift Comes!


A visit of Beanish to his secret friend is interrupted by the appearance of three strange beings. The encounter leaves Beanish bewildered and his friend very annoyed.

In the meantime, the Chow Sol'jer Army tries out a new tactic against the Hoi-Polloi ring herd. It works too well, but still has a few adjustments needed.

On his return to the Beanworld, Professor Garbanzo shows Beanish her latest results of experimenting with the Float Factor. Mr. Spook overhears and asks Proffy to work on some long-range spears, hoping it will take her mind off the Float Factor.

That night, Gran'Ma'Pa explodes with a KA-BOOM! into a wild display of light. Terrified, all the beans run and hide in Proffy's Fix-It Shop except for Mr. Spook, who is fascinated by the wild flashing rhythmns of Gran'Ma'Pa's light. Convinced Gran'Ma'Pa is giving them a message, he dances alone until dawn while the terrified beans hide deep down.

In the morning, the beans come out and Mr. Spook makes them apologize to Gran'Ma'Pa. Unnoticed above are the three strange beings Beanish met earlier. They deliver a strange substance to Gran'Ma'Pa and then notice the Beans. Spying Beanish, they swoop down to meet him. He tells them not to mention his secret friend to anyone.

Mr. Spook demands to know what the intruders are doing in the Beanworld. After some misunderstanding, they leave singing the song "A Gift! A Gift Comes!".

Beanish once again visits his secret friend and tells her of the day's events. She reveals that the Goofy Service Jerks were delivering Reproductive Propellant, which means that baby beans are on the way!

The issue closes with the beans singing and dancing the Gift Dance in front of Gran'Ma'Pa, with Beanish wishing he could tell the other beans what the gift is.


  • The distinction between beans referred to by "he" or "she" is a moiety (an arbitrary distinction not based on any physical/social/etc ability; think of a sports team).
  • Proffy's headgear is linked to the workings of her Fix-It Shop.
  • The remains of Der Kveen are stored in Proffy's Fix-It Shop.
  • Larry Marder is interested in Hopi kachinas. This may explain some of the look of the Beanworld.


  • The Goofy Service Jerks make their debut. They're going to play a role in the next few issues.
  • This issue has the first Do-It-Yourself Beanworld contest.
  • Beanish still doesn't know the name his secret friend.
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