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Dreamishness, Beanish's muse

Dreamishness, one of whose names is "The Sweet Vision of Daydreaming," is in charge of the midday sky. She is also sister to the Windy Songsterinos. She is Beanish's muse. Every day he visits her private skypath by way of his Secret Sketch. The visits are a secret shared between the two. Her true nature is uncertain, but it appears that she may be related in some way to the sun that moves through the Beanworld sky.

Dreamishness gives Beanish knowledge, and in return he is helping her to become "something more," although what that is exactly we don't know. In issue 12, Something Growing, Something Slowing, he discovers that by surrounding her with ♥s, he is able to slow down her passage above him, prolonging the short, mysterious moment of NOW they share together and delaying his return to the Beanworld.

After long practice in his form and composition in surrounding Dreamishness with ♥s, Beanish finally perfects his technique. Dreamishness then tells him to compose a love song. The integration of this song into Beanish's ♥ ritual produces a path of clouds that Dreamishness describes as "The Secret Path of Something More."

Dreamishness' Skypath[]

Dreamishness' skypath takes her from right to left above a seemingly endless body of water, from which a single, narrow hill rises. Beanish stands on this hill when he arrives via the Secret Sketch. After Dreamishness passes out of sight, Beanish returns to the Beanworld. Whether this skypath and its body of water are somehow inside the Beanworld's sun, or if Beanish passes through the sun to another part of the Thin Lake, is unknown. Wherever it is, it is not as private as Dreamishness asserts: the Goofy Service Jerks can get there, which irritates her.

The path of clouds created by Beanish's love song stretches away to the left. When he first follows Dreamishness along this path, he is puzzled to discover that it leads him back to where he started, approaching the island from the right: in Dreamishness's words, the path goes "Nowhere." Before he can question her further, he returns to the Beanworld.

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