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The Elusive Notworm "dances" with a Sprout-Butt

The Elusive Notworm is Mr. Spook's companion and dance partner, formerly a segment of his Trusty Fork.

The Elusive Notworm came about when Mr. Spook's Fork was dismembered into its 4 original Notworm elements by three greedy Goofy Service Jerks. Mr. Spook retained one segment and shortly thereafter recovered another two segments. The last segment remained mobile and unable to be captured.

It was discovered that while the three segments made into a nameless rod tool did not sweeten a Sprout-Butt's disposition, a "dance" with the Elusive Notworm did, with the Elusive Notworm flying though the Sprout-Butt before Mr. Spook snagged it on his nameless rod tool.


The Elusive Notworm communicating with Mr. Spook.

The Elusive Notworm communicates to Mr. Spook by "poinging" on the end of his nameless rod tool. It was through this communication that Mr. Spook realized that his Trusty Companion was not dead, just different. All the spark'lin personality of Mr. Spook's Fork was alive and well inside of the Elusive Notworm.

In "Remember Here When You Are There!", the Notworm is a major, if nonspeaking, character. It gets along with all the inhabitants of the Beanworld except for Mr. Spook. It helps in taking care of the Cuties, and plays games with them, helping them get used to the flying spears and the Chipskates. The Notworm saves a couple of Cuties from injury, helps them make their scoop-tools, and also figures out the true purpose of the "Cutie Fun Chow" found in the Fix-It Shop. It uses the Float Force to send one of the pieces of Fun Chow out to Heyoka, precipitating her return to the Beanworld.

On her way back, Heyoka and the Notworm are swallowed by the Big Fish, who sickened but again rescued by Mr. Spook. Mr. Spook's tool is also swallowed, and when extracted from the Fish's stomach the Notworm is once again a part of Mr. Spook's Fork, now "recombobulated."

The Cuties are sad that their friend the Notworm is gone, but it turns out that the Notworm still exists inside the Fork. Some hope is held out by Heyoka and Gran'Ma'Pa that the Cuties may once again meet their friend the Notworm someday.

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