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Proffy and the Pod'l'Pool Cuties in the Fix it shop

Professor Garbanzo's Fix-It Shop is where Proffy keeps her tools and materials. In its chambers she keeps raw materials from The Four Realities, gunk'l'dunk, tools, healing blanktanks, and various other things that might come in handy some day. The remains of Der Kveen are stored here.

The leaf-like structures on the top are actually insignia, like those sported by Mr. Teach'm.

The Fix-It Shop and Professor Garbanzo have a relationship that outlasts the Beanworld's season. Apparently, they are partners each year. Without the help of the Fix-It Shop, Proffy would never have found the Four Realities. This story is recounted in issue 21, The First Time Professor Garbanzo Discovered The Four Realities.

The Beans hid in here once when they thought Gran'Ma'Pa was mad at them.

In issue 21, it is revealed that the Fix-It Shop is a living entity, and communicated with Professor Garbanzo in a dream. In "Remember Here When You Are There!", it is revealed that the Fix-It Shop is still able to communicate with Proffy by joining with her hat.

Also in Issue 21, it is shown that it is knowledge of the shapes of the Four Realities that enables the door to the Fix-It Shop to open. A Cutie is a able to enter the shop by thinking about the four shapes.

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