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Introduced in "Remember Here When You Are There!" This article is a spoiler for that book.

A large, wide Chip pointing down with a Slat on top, a Floativation Station is a short-range flying machine powered by Float Force, also called Floativation. Like a spear but larger, and vertical in orientation. When the tip of the Chip rubs against a Mystery Pod while Float Factoring, the whole Floativation Station is overcome by a stripe pattern and begins to hover in the air.

Beans can ride on the Station, standing atop the Chip and holding onto the Slat. They can then make it move forward by pushing the Slat ahead, or pull back to lift up into the air. Float Force in this form is very short-lived; it only lasts a little while before the stripe pattern disappears, leaving the device inert and once more vulnerable to gravity. As Mr. Spook says, "The more moves ya make, the faster the Float Force fades." It also seems like the heavier the cargo, the faster the effect wears off. Floativation Stations have multiple drawbacks; they only carry a small amount of Float Force limiting their range, they cannot fly very high (just over the top of Gran'Ma'Pa is the highest we see one go), and they are additionally very slow.

At first, Floativation Stations seemed to be the answer to Mr. Spook's prayers for a way to defend the Beanworld from aerial attackers like the Goofy Service Jerks who discombobulated his Fork. Floativation training began quickly, but not all of the Beans seemed suited for it. In particular, the Spear Fling'n Flank'rs and the Boom'r Band didn't seem to take well to it. As time went on, a shrinking subset of the Beans were willing to develop Floativation skills. Floativation training seems to have ceased after the Fartherest Fastest Race.

Ultimately, it seems like Floativation Stations are not very useful as tools or weapons. However, they are an important step along the way to the invention of Chipskates, which are longer-lasting and much faster, although only rideable by the Cuties.

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