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There are currently five known kinds of Goofy Jerks, Goofy Sermon Jerk, Goofy Service Jerks, Goofy Surveillance Jerks, Goofy Surgeon Jerks, and Goofy Survey Jerks. All Goofy Jerks are named starting with Goofy, then a word that starts with an S and the third letter is an R, then the last word is either Jerk or Jerks.

Goofy Jerks appear to have bodies made out of Tu'ba'lu Squib'r'ish which they have to earn. They have gold bodies and wear red glasses and hats. They all have two front teeth and spit whenever they talk.

Goofy Jerks brains are in their hats and they can exist as only a hat without any senses in the Hatbox.

The Goofy Jerks are affiliated with Mr. Teach'm and all of the Pod'l'pool worlds. Their job is to ensure the safe delivery of reproductive propellant, make sure the locals are satisfied, and that the Pod'l'pools are healthy. The Goofy Sermon Jerk, and Goofy Surveillance Jerks work within the system making sure nothing goes wrong and no crimes are committed. The worst crime is late delivery.