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Three Goofy Service Jerks

The Goofy Service Jerks are members of the Goofy Jerks. Like all the Goofy Jerks, they are snake-like creatures, with a body made of notworm, with a triangular head wearing sunglasses and with buck teeth. They tend to travel in groups of three.

There are many Goofy Service Jerks, who make deliveries from the service stations high above the various worlds of the Big-Big-Picture. The service stations house the influences that have a mysterious effect upon the worlds they relate to. It is from these influences that deliveries of reproductive propellant are made to the worlds, and it is the Goofy Service Jerks that deliver them.

In Tales of the Beanworld so far, the term Goofy Service Jerks usually refers to three specific Jerks. They were first seen accosting Dreamishness on her trip across the sky, but were also the ones who delivered the reproductive propellant that eventually resulted in the development of the Pod'l'Pool, and ultimately the Cuties.

On a subsequent visit, they noticed that Mr. Spook's Fork was made of Tu'ba'lu Squib'r'ish, known to the Beans as notworms. Underestimating the measure of our hero Mr. Spook, they attempted to make away with the Fork, but Mr. Spook held on. They were forced to drop the Fork, and Mr. Spook with it. His fall left him unharmed, but after falling though the Four Realities, the Bone Zone and the Hoi-Polloi Ring Herd, he left a hole in Der Stinkle, a hole that came in handy later. The Fork, unfortunately, was broken into four pieces, and has yet to be fully repaired.

Mr. Spook was (is) furious at them for the destruction of his fork, accused them of murder, and vowed vengeance. The accusation was was conveyed to the Goofy Sermon Jerk by way of Mr. Teach'm. Although the great Jerk did not consider the Fork's destruction to be murder, he did rule that their attempted theft of the Fork was a grave offense, one worthy of "Incarnation Incarceration." In a grim sequence, the three Goofy Service Jerks' notworm bodies abandoned them, and the parts of their heads disassociated. Only their hats, the core of their respective beings, remained. The hats, bereft of their senses and in utter despair, were taken to the Hatbox outside the Big-Big-Picture, there to wait until their next opportunity to become Goofy Jerks. We are given to understand that this is an extremely long process.

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