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A single Hoi-Polloi

The Hoi-Polloi are a bunch of gambling rogues. More than that, though, they are an integral part of the Beanworld's ecology. They are the only beings capable of transforming Sprout-Butts into chow.

Hoi-Polloi love to bet. They'll bet on anything, and once a wager is made, it has a ripple effect throughout the entire community, with other Hoi-Polloi betting on the outcome of the original bet. An original wager can be anything from the winner of a game of f'lit f'nger to an intellectual question. Professor Garbanzo witnessed this in the back up story Proffy, the Snoopy Anthropologist.

One of the Hoi-Polloi's qualities that allows the Chow Sol'jer Army to steal chow from them is their distractibility. The moment danger is out of sight, they forget it and go back to what they were doing. This has been used by the Beans to their advantage during Chow Raids.

They are not always out for themselves, however. When the Chow Sol'jer Army is about, the Hoi-Polloi cooperate and form rings around their personal hordes of chow. This gives rise to the term "Hoi-Polloi Ring Herd". And when they receive a Sprout-Butt, their cooperation is vital to transforming it into chow.


A small Hoi-Polloi ring

There were at one time more Hoi-Polloi than there are now, but some of them were massacred in issue 1, The Legend of Pop! Pop! Pop!. The residue from this massacre is the Bone Zone.

With one exception, all the Hoi-Polloi seen so far have been right-handed. The author has suggested that this is important, but so far we don't have any idea why.

There are still several mysteries surrounding the Hoi-Polloi. It's unknown where they came from, if they have a means of reproduction, or what they eat, or if the Bone Zone will remain forever, or if there is an infinite number of them, extending out forever in the same manner as the Four Realities.

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