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I am determined to make Beanworld my main endeavor for the rest of my life. It’s time. I’m ready. And I believe that the reading public is ready. [1]

-- Larry Marder

Larry Marder's Beanworld formerly known as Tales of the Beanworld is an independently published comic book, created by Larry Marder. Beanworld features stories about the life and times of a host of "bean" characters including Beanish and Mr. Spook. It takes influence from Native American mythology, ecology and pop culture.

The first issue was published in 1985, and the series ran 21 issues until 1993. The first four issues were printed independently as The Beanworld Press. Starting with issue five, the title was released by Eclipse Comics. A total of 4 book collections were released, reprinting issues #1-16.

In 1995 and 1996 the Beanworld Story While We Were Eating was serialized in the the Comic Anthology series Asylum. This was the first Beanworld story to be told in Color. The coloring was done by a third party, and Larry Marder has commented that he did not like the results all that much.

In April 2008, it was announced that Larry Marder would be resuming the series in early 2009. The revived series is published by Dark Horse Comics, who republished the initial 21 issues in two deluxe hardcover editions. [1] The first volume, Wahoolazuma!, was published in February, 2009, and reprinted the first nine issues of Tales of the Beanworld. The second volume, A Gift Comes!, was published in July 2009, and collects the remaining eleven issues of the original run.

In September 2008, a short Beanworld story, ? and !, was published online by Dark Horse. This was the second Beanworld story to be told in color.

A new one-shot comic, the Beanworld Holiday Special, came out on December 17, 2008. It was published in full color, the first full issue Beanworld comic to have done so and the third Beanworld story told in color. Larry Marder has commented on future plans when there is enough color material of collecting it and publishing it together with the Asylum story being recolored someday.

The third deluxe hardcover edition, Remember Here When You Are There!, was published by Dark Horse in 2009, consisting of 216 pages of entirely new material. As a single unbroken narrative, it represented a departure from the previous episodic storytelling style that Larry Marder employed in the past.

The fourth volume, Hoka Hoka Burb'l Burb'l, will be published in March 2017.


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