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Limelight and Bitester Color

Two Members of Limelight's Race

Limelight's Race is a race of starfish-like sentient entities that live somewhere in the Big·Big·Picture of which Limelight is a member.

There is little known about Limelight's Race at this point, but what we do know about them is:

  • The Influence of Limelight's Race's World is in the same Service Center as the Influence of the Beanworld
  • Limelight's Race seems to grow hair upon their head.
  • Limelight's Race seems to wear clothing but they could perhaps be body markings.
  • Limelight's Race can fly
It appears that the only creatures in the Big·Big·Picture that can't fly or live in the sky are the Beans, the Hoi-Polloi Ring Herd, and the Insects, but it has been hinted that at least for the Beans they cannot fly yet.

Limelight's race has been seen in two issues of Tales of the Beanworld Numbers 16 and 19.