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Mr. Spook and his Trusty Fork

Mr. Spook is the Beanworld's hero. As hero, he adheres to a hero's code. Its main tenet is protection of the frail and innocent. Mr. Spook also leads the chow raids that steal chow from the Hoi-Polloi.

Mr. Spook's origin is a mystery. His early days were spent with Mr. Teach'm in a pod'l pool that came from Gran'Ma'Pa. During this time he was taught the fine art of heroics, and proved a natural. When Mr. Teach'm found out that the Beanworld had no hero, he asked Mr. Spook (who at that time had no name) to take on the task. Mr. Spook literally jumped at the opportunity.

Unfortunately, Mr. Spook doesn't remember those days well. But he does remember enough to be a hero.

By nature, Mr. Spook is rather conservative. As a hero, he feels an intense need to protect the beans. However, this sense of justice lends itself to a highly moralising personality. As a result, Mr. Spook is often suspicious and aggressive towards things he does not fully understand. He considered both the Clang Twang and the Float Factor to be unhealthy to beans. While his caution saved them from the Clang Twang, it has led to his going overboard at times. See issue 17, The Mystery Pods Must Go, for an example of this.

Mr Spook is aided in his duties by his trusty Fork. He earned it as a reward for helping the Big Fish. It's made of notworms (a.k.a. Tu'ba'lu Squib'r'ish), and has passed through three different incarnations. Its first shape, was destroyed by the Goofy Service Jerks in issue 11, Notworm Madness!. Since then it took two other forms, with the last being a long pole along with an animate, uncatchable notworm known as the Elusive Notworm.

At the end of "Remember Here When You Are There!", book three of the Beanworld story, the Elusive Notworm was finally reunited with the rest of the weapon, making the Fork whole once more.

Mr. Spook can always be counted on to do what he sees as right. Some of Mr. Spook's heroic chants as recorded in issue 20, Beanworld Zero:

  • I protect the frail and innocent.
  • I work with vigor and vigilance to guarantee that no one ever goes to sleep hungry.
  • I am sworn to settle petty arguments with patient wisdom.
  • I pledge to complete all vows and quests.


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