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A Gift Comes

This is the book Mr Spook committed his stupid mistake.

Mr Spook's stupid mistake actually ended up as an Amazing Float Factor Discovery. Which Mr. Spook wanted it to be called his stupid mistake.

It all began on a Goof-off day, during early afternoon, when Beanish's Fabulous --Look·See·Show was held. Mr Spook decided that the Aigs, a.k.a. Mystery Pods must be gone. He threw 6 Aigs over the Legendary Edge. He went back for more and was spotted by Beanish. He tried to stop him but failed, so he called out to Professor Garbanzoand said that Mr Spook is crazy. After explaining quickly, Proffy called Mr Spook stupid and reminded him what would happen if the Aigs reached the Twinks. (They'd turn into a floating thing the beans know as Float Factor.) Mr Spook realized and all beans ran to The Legendary Edge to see the result of his reckless action.

On the way of the Aigs going to float, they passed the slats and caused some slats to float as well. The whole jumble floated up to a higher distance which were more effective. That was the AMAZING discovery.