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Mystery Pods are, as one may tell from their name, one of the most mysterious objects in the Beanworld.

Introduced in issue #2 of Tales of the Beanworld, they are actually insect eggs laid by Der Kveen after she invaded from Der Stinkle. Presumably they will hatch at some time in the future. The consequences of this hatching are unknown, but Larry Marder hinted in a letters column that the results could be dire.

For some reason, the Beans cannot remember much relating to the laying of the eggs or the circumstances surrounding it. They just know that something weird happened, and there were suddenly lots and lots of Mystery Pods lying around Gran'Ma'Pa.

Complicating matters a bit, it turns out that Mystery Pods have many mysterious properties. While sketching for his Look-See-Show, Beanish accidentally discovered that Mystery Pods, when placed near Twinks, cause both objects to change texture and begin floating in the air. This phenomenon was dubbed "Float Factor" by Professor Garbanzo, and has influenced Beanlife in many ways.

Mr. Spook does not trust the Mystery Pods, and is also mistrustful of Float Factor. He tried to get rid of them once by tossing armfuls off the Legendary Edge, but when the Mystery Pods, falling through the Four Realities, fell past the layer of Twinks they began Float Factoring. Moving back up through the other Realities, they picked up some Slats and began floating much higher, forming an apparently-permanent structure akin to a constellation in the Beanworld sky. The structure was named Mr. Spook's Mistake.

Additionally, it was discovered that some of the Mystery Pods, when shaken, make a sound. The Boom'r Band used this sound to make music, resulting in the Clang Twang, a stimulating Boom that has adverse effects on the Beans. The Clang Twang does appear to have beneficial properties when used to pickle Gunk'l'Dunk.

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