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Notworms, also known as Tu'ba'lu Squib'r'ish, are the mysterious material that composes Mr. Spook's Fork. It comes from outside the Beanworld, and also forms the substance of the Goofy Jerks, who sometimes call the stuff "hardware."

Notworms have the strange property of adapting their function according to those who touch it. When the Goofy Service Jerks tried to steal Mr. Spook's fork, they caused it to come apart. The disassociated Notworm pieces then fell limp until the Beans touched them, at which time they regained their original shape.

Mr. Spook was only able to recover three of the Fork's four pieces, however. Although the Goofy Surveillance Jerks helped to reform the pieces into a Pole for Mr. Spook to use, the remaining piece continues to float around, alive, as the Elusive Notworm. Mr. Teach'm has told Mr. Spook that, because of the rule of "Catch'm Keep'm," he cannot help Mr. Spook to obtain the remaining piece. Since the Notworm can fly and Mr. Spook cannot, catching it seems to be out of his power for now.

Mr. Spook has said, since then, that the piece seems to contain the memories of the original Fork, and has frequently been seen bumping into the end of the Pole. While the Pole alone is less effective for catching and sweetening Spout-Butts than the fork, the Notworm has helped out on its own accord by piercing the Sprout Butt as it falls, sweetening it.

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