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The Pod'l'pool Cuties came to the Beanworld in issue 9, A Gift! A Gift Comes!. They appeared in a Pod'l'pool which came out of Gran'Ma'Pa. This is where they got the name "Pod'l'pool cuties", which has been shortened to "cuties".

Since then they've been growing up quickly. For a while Mr. Spook put his quest to restore his Fork on hold to participate in the teaching of the baby beans. It's the duty of the Beans to teach the Cuties everything they know. The cuties particularly enjoy games and stories and are able to speak in a childlike manner.

In "Remember Here When You Are There!" the five Cuties begin taking action on their own, and their adventures and mischief are a big portion of the book. One appears to be taking the lead like Mr. Spook, and another seems to be developing a scientific mind like Professor Garbanzo. By the end, the Cuties have discovered how to use the Float Force to make Chipskates, which enable them to fly around, and how to play aerial games of catch using catchers they made themselves. The recently-returned Heyoka has been appointed the Cutie's teacher so that they may learn about the sky.

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