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Proffy with some Beanworld Action Effigies

Professor Garbanzo is the Beanworld's thinker and toolmaker. She uses logical thought to improve the Bean's life. She also heals injured beans, in conjunction with the Boom'r Band. Her Fix-It Shop is where she stores the parts she needs.

Professor Garbanzo, or "Proffy", as she is called, is fascinated by the Float Factor. Whenever she has free time, her thoughts always seem to turn to experimenting with it, trying to improve its power.

The story of Professor Garbanzo's origin is told in issue 20, Beanworld Zero, and issue 21, The First Time Professor Garbanzo Discovered the Four Realities.

Her investigations into the Hoi-Polloi's method of turning Sprout-Butts into chow are chronicled in the backup story Proffy, the Snoopy Anthropologist in issues 3 and 5.

In "Remember Here When You Are There!", the rim of Proffy's hat temporarily "merge" with the root ladder in her Fix-It Shop, allowing them to communicate. Since then the edges of her hat appear to have become more animate.

Also in that book, at one point a spear is flung through the roof of the shop. While it was sticking out of the roof, Professor Garbanzo had a headache the location of which corresponded with the location of the roof's piercing. When the spear was removed, the headache ceased, so it is probable that she is somewhat linked to her fix-it shop.

The Professor has learned more about Float Factor, resulting in the discovery of Float Force.

Proffy's fascination with Beanish's "jumps" continues. She has noticed that whatever happens during Beanish's jumps sometimes makes him act unreasonably. On the other hand, it appears that she has recognized that Beanish's jumps are a private affair, and does not seem to be pestering Beanish about them as much.

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