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This page is about the animated short. For the process see Chow Raid.


A Scene from the Animation The Chow Raid

thumb|300px|right|The Chow Raid Video The Chow Raid is a short (1:27) Animation done by Fashion Buddha Studios depicting a chow raid.


The short opens with the Boom'r Band playing a wild and waxy tune, while Beanish, Proffy and other Beans dance merrily. We pan over to see Mr. Spook examining Gran'Ma'Pa to see if a Sprout-Butt will drop.

Gran'Ma'Pa shakes! A sprout-butt pops its way loose which Mr. Spook catches on his trusty fork. Mr. Spook beckons to the Chow Sol'jer Army and they run by the Fix-It Shop where Proffy hands out the spears and Pluk'n Wands. They leap over The Legendary Edge and through the Four Realities, past the Bone Zone and into the Hoi-Polloi Ring Herd.

We then pan to a broken Hoi-Polloi ring and the Chow Pluk'rs are gathering the last of the chow and making their exit. Mr. Spook throws the Sprout-Butt to the Hoi-Polloi which they ring as the Sprout-Butt goes through its metamorphosis into chow.

The Chow Sol'jer Army returns to the Proverbial Sandy Beach and makes it way to the Chowdown Pool, where they drop the chow into the water where it bubbles and dissolves. Then Mr. Spook, Proffy, and two beans jump into the Chowdown Pool. We then zoom out and see the known Beanworld.


The Music accompanying this short is "Jessica" written by Dickey Betts and performed by They Might Be Giants.

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