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Legendary Edge

The Chow Sol'jer Army Leaps Off The Legendary Edge

The Legendary Edge is the departure point for trips to the Four Realities and the Hoi-Polloi Ring Herd

When an inhabitant of the Beanworld wishes to travel to these places it begins with a leap off the Legendary Edge. So begins all adventures that take a Bean away from the comfort of home. Only once, has it been shown Beans leaving the Beanworld by way of the Proverbial Sandy Beach, when Mr. Spook's Fork was dismembered by the Goofy Service Jerks. They seemed to have to flap their arms wildly to descend past the Four Realities. It can be surmised that the leap off the Legendary Edge gives a Bean enough momentum to sink through the Four Realities quickly and make their way to the Hoi Polloi Ring Herd.

It seems to be symbolic that one begins an endeavor with a leap. But just what that symbol means is up to the reader.