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Too Much Chow!
Series Number: 2
Publication: 1985
Publisher: The Beanworld Press
Format: Comic
Previous Issue: The Legend of Pop! Pop! Pop!
Following Issue: Big Fish Story


The Beans had a problem. With the defeat of the Evil Clone Son and his minions in Issue 1, The Legend of Pop! Pop! Pop!, the beans had too much chow on their hands. It caused problems. The beans started getting lazy and Mr. Spook's trusty Fork had gone limp.

The only bean trying to get anything done at all was Professor Garbanzo, but she was getting nowhere in her quest for a use for Twinks.

The Hoi-Polloi didn't want their chow back. They wanted a sweet new Sprout-Butt.

Insect Something did want the chow, though. From down in Der Stinkle came insects who were hungry for chow. They informed their leader, Der Kveen, and organized infestication. It transformed into a strange ball and headed for the Beanworld.

Before the beans knew what hit them they were bound to Gran'Ma'Pa, and in five eyeblinks Der Kveen ate the mountain of chow, produced der aigs, and wasted away and died.

The Beans were free soon after, and perplexed by the mysterious appearance of strange new pods.

Mr. Spook's Fork was restored and he immediately snagged a Sprout-Butt. This he took to the Hoi-Polloi where a great fight ensued for it. Everything was restored to normal.

The Beans have no clear memory of what happened when Der Kveen arrived. It happened too fast.


  • People are already asking about the difference between Mr. Spook and the rest of the beans.
  • "Hieroglyphics are the key, the key..."


  • One of the Hoi-Polloi on page 29 (the big fight scene) is left handed. Larry Marder stated elsewhere that this is important, but not why.
  • The back cover had a nice picture of Professor Garbanzo contemplating Twinks.
  • We are victims of another advertising pun.
  • Larry Marder wrote on his blog that between issues #2 and #3 he met Alan Moore, who offered to write a back-up story.
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